Walt Disney Studios Now Owns Rights to the ‘Indiana Jones’ Franchise

By December 9, 2013

Indiana Jones1

Disney is done with just populating theaters with singing princesses, amusing animal sidekicks, and family-friendly fare – the Mouse House owns the rights to Pixar, the Marvel superhero stable, Star Wars, and now the Indiana Jones franchise. Got a beloved film franchise? Disney probably owns it, or at least they soon will.

Variety reports on the latest acquisition by the studio, as Walt Disney Studios has completed the necessary wheelin’ and dealin’ with Paramount Pictures for the rights, which include the distribution and marketing rights to future films, while Paramount retains the distribution rights for the existing four films in the franchise. Of course, such a deal raises some big questions, mainly “when are we getting a new Indiana Jones film?” There’s certainly no reason for Disney to go after future films if there aren’t going to be, well, any future films.

As of now, Disney has not officially announced that they are planning to make a fifth film in the franchise, but such an announcement seems imminent.

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Star Harrison Ford has recently confessed that he would be interested in another round as Indy, and sources tell Variety that director Steven Spielberg “would still be interested in helming future pics but…a story would first need to be hashed out before Spielberg would ever commit,” which is sort of a fancy way of implying that someone needs to write the damn thing before anyone signs on (or, “common sense”).

Do you want to see another Indiana Jones film? Are you amused that no one seems to be mentioning Shia LaBeouf in these discussions? Do you like to pretend the fourth film didn’t happen, too?

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