Walton Goggins & Shea Whigham Join Danny McBride in ‘Vice Principals’

By February 9, 2015

Even though “Eastbound & Down” may be over, that doesn’t mean HBO is done with Danny McBride. The actor is starring in a new comedy series called “Vice Principals” and a couple more fantastic cast members have just come on board.

Deadline reports “Justified” and “Sons of Anarchy” star Walton Goggins is taking the co-lead opposite McBride in the new series that the This Is The End star also co-created with “Eastbound & Down” producer and director Jody Hill. In addition, “Boardwalk Empire” star Shea Whigham has also joined the series.

For those who don’t know, the new series takes place in a high school and follow those who are almost responsible for running it: vice principals Neal Gamby (McBride) and Lee Russell (Goggins), the latter being  a conniving politician who enters into an unholy alliance with Gamby.

Shea Whigham

As for Whigham (above), he’ll be playing Ray Liptrapp, the new husband to Gamby’s ex-wife (played by Busy Phillips). Gamby is frequently hostile towards Liptrappt, even though he’s a pretty genuine, nice guy. I’m hoping this isn’t just another rough around the edges, dirtbag kind of character for McBride to play. We don’t need another Kenny Powers.

HBO has already ordered 18 episodes of the series, which is a pretty big order for a comedy series on the cable network (lately they’ve been ordering between eight and 12 episodes). McBride and Hill are again executive producing with filmmaker David Gordon Green, and Stephanie Laing is joining them this time too.

This sounds like it could be a fun show, but only if they don’t rely on McBride playing the same kind of character we’ve seen him play several times before. Don’t get me wrong, McBride is always funny, but it would be nice if he played a different kind of character this time. We’ll see how this one turns out.

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