‘Warcraft’ Behind-the-Scenes Photos Tease the Film’s Massive Scope

By March 4, 2016

Considering the amount of work and hype going behind the film’s visual effects, it’s interesting to think of how low under the radar Duncan Jones’ Warcraft is flying right now. After releasing its initial teaser trailer a few months ago, we haven’t seen or heard much about the film since, though it’s safe to say that Warcraft is going to try very hard to break Hollywood’s video game adaptation curse.

Jones’ passion and knowledge of the video game’s world has been one of its biggest selling points from the beginning though, with the critically-acclaimed director touting himself as a massive fan of the game before he even began work on its film adaptation.

Recently as well, Jones shared some new behind-the-scenes images from the film, showing off some of Warcraft‘s most gorgeous practical sets. Check out the images below (via Twitter):

warcraft 1 warcraft 2 warcraft 3 warcraft 4 warcraft 5

There’s been a lot of noise made about the look of Warcraft dating back to a few years ago even, when the film was delayed in order to make the special effects as best as the filmmakers could. The effects weren’t all that impressive though in the trailer or SDCC spot shown last year, and as of right now, the best thing that Warcraft has going for it is its unique story structure and the impressive talent involved both onscreen and behind the scenes.

The practical sets shown here are gorgeous though, so I went into the trailer hoping it would be a mix of practical and visual effects similar to that of Lord of the Rings, and the only real worry I have about the film now, is that it will be too VFX-heavy. Especially since the effects shown so far haven’t been anything to get all that excited over.

Warcraft will hit theatres on June 10th.

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