‘Warcraft’ Movie Actor Credits ‘World of Warcraft’ For Saving His Life

By January 30, 2016

Actor Robert Kazinsky, who is playing the part of the Orc, Orgrim in Warcraft (due in theatres June 10th, 2016) was recently on Conan to talk about the film (catch the full interview below). He went into how his experience with the fans from his BBC show East Enders forced him into seclusion. Hat tip for the story, Gamespot:

“I’d walk down the street people would walk up to me and punch me in the head,”

The young man was forced to deal with the dark side of fame and in doing so became a bit of an agoraphobe. When he would venture outside, he would wear a hat and have his head down. That is, until he found the game World of Warcraft.

“This game would slowly give me rewards and it allowed me to talk to people and make friends who were judging me anonymously. So I was able to forge new relationships that didn’t come with any preconceptions. And before you know it, I was able to have a little bit of self-belief again, I credit World of Warcraft with saving my life.”

Warcraft1robertMr. Kazinsky is now a successful actor living in Los Angeles, but will always remember his days as a hefty man in front of his keyboard…

“I’ve never been happier than when I was really fat and no one had any expectations of me and I was playing video games.”

It is stories like that that helps give this geek an inside track on what we should expect from the Warcraft movie. Look at the folks over at Lucasfilm. Kathleen Kennedy and fiends went and cast a handful of not just great actors, but great actors who were fans of Star Wars for Episode VII. Look how that film turned out.

With that being said, expectations are very high for Warcraft. The heat is on and if the two big video game based releases in Warcraft and Assassins Creed swing and miss, will Hollywood Execs slowly back away from the table of video game IP’s? I tend to believe they will keep trying all be it, with greater reservation. It is my hope these two games are being taken very seriously (seems like it based on casting and filmmakers); but until they can crack that code in the video game to movie treatment, and give it the kind of attention they give to say, Marvel, DC and Star Wars films, we might see game adaptations take longer to get to the big screen.

So for everyone out there in the Nation, what do you think of this story – do you believe a game can save someone’s life? Purely in the metaphorical way – I know what he means. And on that note, do you think Warcraft has a chance to succeed? Sound off below and stay tuned to GeekNation for all your video game news.

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