‘Warcraft’ Teaser Trailer Reveals New Footage and Battles

By April 2, 2016

Despite some disappointing and jumbled initial trailers, the newest images and teasers for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft have been steadily increasing over the past few months, with improved special effects and better looks at some of the film’s impressive visuals and fight scenes. The fact that it has one of the most unique premises of any video game adaptation to come out of Hollywood yet, doesn’t hurt either.

A new teaser trailer for the film debuted online recently as well, and it looks like some of the conclusions made about the special effects previously, may not have been as accurate as we had thought.

Check it out below:

After my relatively low expectations from the SDCC footage that was shown last year, this and the last teaser trailer have been pleasant surprises for me. The ensemble cast seems to be working better and better together onscreen, and I’m hopeful that Jones will be able to balance both the Horde and Alliance sides of the story, without it becoming too clunky or ambitious for its own good.

We’re only just a few months away from the film’s release now though, and finally learning once and for all if it will be able to break Hollywood’s video game adaptation curse.

Warcraft will hit theatres on June 10th.

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