‘Warcraft’ Trailer Gives Us Our First Full Look at the Massive Video Game Adaptation

By November 6, 2015

By all counts, Hollywood has yet to make a successful, and quality video game adaptation. Nearly every single time that the film industry has tried turning a popular gaming property into a feature film, the result ends up being either atrocious, or barely qualifying as guilty pleasure material. However, with Duncan Jones’ Warcraft, and Justin Kurzel’s Assassin’s Creed both set for theatrical releases next year, it’s possible that we could be entering a new age of the entertainment industry, where the idea of good video game adaptations doesn’t just feel like hopeful thinking.

After a week’s worth of teasing already too, including the release of new posters and a 10-second teaser, the first official trailer for Warcraft has finally been released online. Predictably, it looks like one hell of a crazy, fantasy adventure too.

Check it out below (via Twitter):

There’s been a lot of talk made about the film’s effects up until this point, and after leaving the film’s panel at this year’s SDCC a little disappointed, I can say that the visuals and created environments look much better than they did a few months ago. There are still moments throughout the full trailer though, when one Orc looks better than the other, or a creature doesn’t quite have as much detail as we may like.

Duncan Jones has proven himself to be one of the most unique voices making movies right now though, and considering how much passion the director has injected into this film, I can’t help but hope that this will be one of the best summer blockbusters next year. The narrative and story looks like an interesting twist on the game’s open-world system though, by giving both sides of the movie’s main conflict their just due. If anything, this trailer finally shows fans what they’ve been hearing about for the past few years, and now we’ll just have to wait and see if it’ll live up to their expectations.

Warcraft is set to hit theatres on June 10th, 2016.

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