‘Warcraft’ TV Spot Reveals New Footage From the Video Game Adaptation

By March 18, 2016

Up until this point, the footage for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft, which hopes to be the first legitimately good video game adaptation to come from Hollywood, hasn’t been anything to get all that excited for. The special effects, which had been praised heavily before the first trailer’s release, were good, but didn’t look nearly as revolutionary as everyone had expected and so far, the buzz behind the fantasy epic has been surprisingly low.

Today, a new TV spot for the film debuted online though, and I will say this: the effects are starting to look better.

Check out the promo below:

It doesn’t come as that much of a shock that the film does look incredibly well-directed, considering it’s coming from Jones, who’s last two films, Moon and Source Code, received critical acclaim upon their respective theatrical releases. He’s been perhaps the most comforting aspect about the project from the beginning though, due to both his talent as a filmmaker and his profound love of the World of Warcraft game.

The film’s story sounds interesting, and by choosing to focus on both sides of the Human vs. Orc conflict, Jones has given the movie the chance to not only be a solid video game adaptation, but an interesting movie about war as well. I just hope the director and story don’t get too caught up in the film’s visual effects, that it loses some of the substance needed underneath it all.

Warcraft will be released in theatres on June 10th.

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