Warehouse 13: “Personal Effects” Recap

By August 7, 2012

Last night’s episode of Warehouse 13 took a sharp detour away from the season’s overarching plot. Instead, last season’s loose ends came unravelling as the Warehouse team sought to contain Walter Sykes’ collection of artifacts after they were a pawned by Jesse, a man desperate to save his dying brother.

Myka and Pete follow a ping to Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, and the rest of the Warehouse team (including Leena) soon follow. Six artifacts have been let loose on the town, and the agents split up to find them. Claudia and Jinks seek out invisibility-causing sunglasses at a lingerie store, while Artie and Leena snag Napoleon’s violin. Meanwhile, Myka and Pete discover a hole in the ceiling of Jesse’s apartment, and quickly discover that he is using a pipe that controls the weather.

After two weeks of stellar, thought-provoking episodes, “Personal Effects” packs much less of a punch. Jesse’s callous attitude toward all life but his brother’s makes him difficult to sympathize with, and his choice to sacrifice his own life (he is the only viable heart donor for his dying sibling), while noble, feels all too predictable.

Much more intriguing, however, is the mystery of the metronome that brought Jinks back to life. Jinks discovers that his injuries are physically impacting Claudia, though she remains unaware of the metronome’s disturbing side-effect.

How dangerous is this new bond between them? Will Claudia survive a more serious injury to Jinks’ person? If next week’s episode previews are any indication, the main story arc will be back in a big way, and we may get a better look at the consequences.