Warehouse 13 Recap: “Endless Wonder”

By September 11, 2012

Not everyone is who they seem on Warehouse 13.

“Endless Wonder” sees the introduction of Deb, a new love interest for Pete, who has a dubious interest in the artifacts. The episode also sees the return of Harriet Tubman’s identity disguising Thimble.

The episode begins with what seems like a wild goose chase. Myka and Pete are investigating a sudden growth spurt by a grown man. They soon discover that he is not the only victim, nor is the growth spurt without consequence. The result? Bodies on the verge of tearing themselves apart.

A hypothesis that the growth spurt may be related to a heartburn drug brings the agents into contact with Deb, who works for the pharmaceutical company that produces the medication. Deb sleeps with Pete, but her motives aren’t entirely pure; she has a vested interest in finding the artifact in order to harness its potential for curing growth related diseases.

Meanwhile, Claudia traces Brother Adrian’s phone to an old, abandoned mansion, and she, Artie, and Jinks go to investigate. With Harriet Tubman’s Thimble in hand, Brother Adrian morphs into a duplicate Artie, but is unable to fool the Warehouse team. Even so, Adrian has booby-trapped the mansion; Claudia and Jinks narrowly escape an artifact-induced cave-in.

After a Christian Scientist is affected by a sudden growth spurt, Pete and Myka realize that the artifact is not related to the heartburn medication. Rather, it is connected to a cooking tool used in a class taken by four of the victims and taught by the fifth. One step ahead of them, Deb has the cooking tools removed for further examination, before heading to Leena’s Bed and Breakfast in search of answers.

Deb, it seems, has been digging into artifact-related incidents for quite some time now, in the hopes of finding cures for various ailments. Realizing that her heart is in the right place, Pete gets permission from Mr. Kosan to show Deb the Warehouse. He convinces her that the downsides of the artifacts outweigh any benefits. She agrees to keep the Warehouse a secret, and Mr. Kosan offers her a place among the Regents.

In an eleventh hour twist, H.G. Wells returns at Artie’s behest, and confronts him about his use of Magellan’s Astrolabe. To Artie’s horror, she explains that she has shared her suspicions with Mrs. Frederick. With his secret no longer contained, what will the consequences be?