Warehouse 13 Recap: “Second Chance”

By September 18, 2012

In the latest installment of Warehouse 13, Artie makes a confession to Mrs. Frederick, Pete and Myka search for the cause of a strange affliction, and Jinks pays his mother a long overdue visit.

The episode begins with Artie shooing his agents out of town, hell-bent on keeping them safe. His secret unravels; H.G. Wells has told Mrs. Frederick about the Astrolabe, and she confronts Artie, drawing out the truth. Though she agrees with his actions, Mrs. Frederick is convinced that it is not Claudia, but Brother Adrian himself who represents the great evil attached to the use of the Astrolabe. For everyone’s protection, Mrs. Frederick secretly entrusts H.G. with the artifact, sending her underground.

Meanwhile, Myka and Pete pay a visit to a steel mill to investigate a bizarre illness spreading amongst its workers. The workers, striking against the mill’s poor safety regulations, blame their boss for the disease. When a woman unassociated with the mill falls prey to the illness, however, the pair are forced to look elsewhere.

Pete and Myka follow the trail to a boxing gym, where Pete accuses the union rep of causing the illness to undermine his boss. When the man himself falls ill, however, they realize that it is Cody, another steel worker, who is at fault. The twist? Cody doesn’t realize he’s using an artifact; it’s embedded in shrapnel in his chest. To save those who have been infected (including Pete), Myka fills a syringe with purple goo and gives Cody a shot in the heart, neutralizing the artifact stuck beside it.

Across the country, in New Jersey, Claudia returns with Jinks to his childhood home. There, they attempt to solve a riddle, in order to sever the link between Jinks and the metronome. Unfortunately, Jinks also has some serious personal baggage to deal with; he blames his mother for fighting against the death penalty for his sister’s killer.

Jinks and Claudia try to turn off the metronome in his childhood home, but it fails. They soon realize that repairing his relationship with his mother is integral to completing their task. It is only when the metronome nearly kills Jink’s mother that he fulfills the dictates of the riddle. He destroys the metronome, willing to sacrifice his own life for that of his mother’s. With that act, he and Claudia are freed from the artifact and its effects.