Warehouse 13 Recap: “There’s Always A Downside”

By August 14, 2012

At what price success?

This is the question of the day as the Warehouse agents split up on two assignments: to save a group of students and a desperate musician from themselves.

Pete and Claudia head off on a mission to see Hugo, who has leant his nephew marbles meant to increase concentration during a high pressure competition…at a deadly cost. Meanwhile, Myka and Jinks investigate a string of psychiatric patients cured overnight. Their investigation leads them to a musician, hell bent on stealing other people’s pain for his own in order to become a great artist.

Meanwhile, Brent Spiner returns as Brother Adrian, who has by now realized that it is Artie himself who has stolen and used the Astrolabe. Even when Artie explains the state of the world that led him to do so, Adrian refuses to back down and promises payback. We later learn that the marbles in Hugo’s possession have themselves been stolen from the Warehouse by the Brotherhood.

While Artie’s motives for utilizing the artifact despite the downside are difficult to disagree with, the musician and students’ motivations are far more complex. The students are under a great deal of pressure to achieve, and, like many such people in the real world, are willing to use a dangerous substance to meet their goals. Moreover, like some drug users, they presume that they can only use the artifact as a one-time crutch, without long term consequences. Instead, they grow violent and nearly die as a result of using the marble just once.

The musician, by contrast, is well aware that the artifact is killing him, and would rather die young and be remembered for his musical greatness than live a life without it. It is his legacy that he is concerned with, not his life. He is forced to let go of this deadly need; however, when an attempt to steal Jinks’ pain nearly kills Claudia, who is still connected to her partner via the Metronome (though she has yet to realize it).