Warehouse 13 Recap: “Fractures”

By August 28, 2012

There’s nothing like fear of loss to destroy a hero’s relationships in the here and now. In “Fractures,” Artie learns the hard way that love carries with it a far greater risk than a broken heart.

The episode starts on a lighter note, as Artie prepares for his date with Vanessa, the Warehouse doctor. The team teases him about his new coat, and Myka and Pete return from their latest mission: to find a very special gift for Vanessa.

Of course, disaster soon strikes. In nearby Rapid City, a shy thrift shop owner assaults a priest after looking into Lewis Carroll’s mirror and becoming possessed by returning villain Alice Liddell.

Alice begins to swap bodies at will, thanks to a shard of her broken mirror. After eluding Pete and Myka, she shows up at the restaurant where Artie and Vanessa are dining, armed with a knife.

Though the pair escape unharmed, Artie realizes that he is the target of Alice’s wrath, and the Warehouse team uses him as bait to lure her back. Artie tries to convince Vanessa to leave, but fails, only to discover that Vanessa is Alice’s true target. Alice steals Vanessa’s body and admits that she plans to make Artie suffer by killing the woman he loves.

The team puts Alice back where she belongs, but the damage is done. Artie’s desire to move in with Vanessa gives way to his even fiercer need to protect her, and he ends their relationship.

On another note: Claudia finally learns about the link between her and Jinks. It’s about time!