Watch Every Episode Of Star Trek For Free This Week ONLY!

By March 27, 2013

In one of the coolest moves ever made by Hulu, you can watch EVERY episode of EVERY Star Trek show ever made FOR FREE this week.

That’s right, darlings. Whether you’re a TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise or an original series (aka TOS) fan but don’t own any box sets (or do but they’re still shrink wrapped), now’s your chance to revisit your fave episodes and maybe even check out episodes from one of the series you decided to take a pass on (*cough* Voyager *cough*).

I know which episodes I like but I decided to take it to Star Trek fans on Twitter and give you some of their choices instead and I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what they chose for you, starting with my pick!

My pick: The Trouble With Tribbles (TOS)

Shouldn’t be a surprise I’ve picked this episode but it’s not JUST because of the cute and fuzzies known as Tribbles, it’s because of the fact that it shows what happens when a foreign species is introduced to a “predator-free environment” and the lasting effects it can leave. Not to mention it’s been parodied over and over again, most notably when Bart brings his pet frog with him to Australia in The Simpsons and the gang thinks they’ve found a new cuisine that turns out to be something else in the Futurama episode “The Problem With Popplers”.

The Naked Time (TOS)

Ah, yes. Remember that one time when the crew of the Enterprise were infected by a mystery virus that took away all inhibitions and made a shirtless (and incredibly ripped) swashbuckling Sulu run around the ship with a foil challenging people to a duel while the ship’s navigator (who believes he’s descended from Irish royalty) took over the ship, declared himself Captain then proceeded to sing “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen” like he was stuck on repeat? Not only was this an episode where we began to fear for their safety but this was also the episode where Spock realizes the “intermix formula” (based on theoretical relationship between time and antimatter) that saved their lives can now be used to travel back in time to any planet and any era. (Fun Fact: This is George Takei’s fave episode!)

The Naked Now (The Next Generation)

Picture all the things that I’ve just described in The Naked Time…now picture it with Picard and his crew. And as Twitter’s @JohnLindseyOne said “Everyone gets WTF drunk and Wil Wheaton (a.k.a. Wesley Crusher) takes over the Enterprise. BEST EP THX”

Arena (TOS)

For bringing hostility into their solar system, a superior alien race pits Captain Kirk in single combat against the murderous reptilian captain of an alien ship he was pursuing. Not to mention Kirk fights what resembles a well dressed Sleestak in one of the weirdest hand-to-hand combat scenes ever put on film.

Amok Time (TOS)

In the season 2 opener, Spock is really not himself and we learn that Vulcans are married as children with the expectation to fulfill their obligations (a.k.a. procreate) as an adult. Now that Spock has reached that time (known as “pon farr”) he must go back to Vulcan and mate with his bride (T’Pring) or he will die. This episode is the one that most fans (including @kdsarge) said “Spock makes me cry.”

Duet (Deep Space Nine)

Major Kira finds herself compelled to confront someone she recognizes as the head of the Gallitep slave-labor camp and in turn, is a war criminal. Pretty heavy stuff.

Gambit (TNG)

Season 7 gets pretty intense while investigating the apparent death of Capt. Picard, Riker is abducted by a group of intergalactic archaeological thieves, only to find Picard has apparently joined their ranks. (p.s. it’s a two-parter)!

And Part 2!

And there you have it! I wasn’t too surprised to not hear any offerings from Enterprise or Voyager but those series do have a few good episodes…unfortunately I can’t remember which ones they are. Seeing as I can watch them all for free this weekend, it may be time for a marathon!

What are your favorite episodes? Leave ’em in the comments and share your love with the world, then head on over to Hulu and watch to your heart’s desire!

Make it so, darlings.

Thanks again to Twitternauts @kdsarge, @johnlindseyone, @DrSciFi, @YorkshireTX, @WriterAndrew and @SciFiCommons for sharing their Star Trek lovin’!

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