Watch: First Trailer for ‘Ouija’ Wants to Play With You

By July 17, 2014

What’s next? The Bloody Mary movie?

Long the plaything of sleepover parties and curious (and bored) teens, the ouija board is now getting a hip makeover as the star of a brand new horror film. Back away from the board, you guys, this isn’t going to end well. Go eat some popcorn or gossip instead, just don’t play with the board.

In Ouija, the discovery of an apparently ancient board heralds the arrival of some pretty freaky stuff. When Debbie (Shelly Hennig) discovers an old Ouija board in her equally as old house (they are always old houses, aren’t they?), she has some fun with it — until some weird stuff happens (what weird stuff? hard to tell, but we bet the next trailer will show us a bit more). Oh, and then until it kills her. Debbie’s death happens pretty early on in this first trailer, so don’t worry about spoilers here. The film appears to be mainly framed up around what happens after the gruesome and strange death, when her pals try to figure out what happened to her. They also, of course, try to connect her via the board. Bad idea.

This first trailer is creepy enough, but that’s probably because it’s laden with scary horror movie tropes we’ve come to expect from modern horror outings. There’s some old historical elements and a weird doll and someone gets dragged along the floor and bones twists and eyes roll back in heads and weird stuff happens when people are participating in relatively innocuous activities (like flossing their teeth, eesh), that kind of stuff. Yet, there is a kernel of an idea here that’s kind of intriguing — that the ouija board’s planchette (the little viewer thing) can reveal stuff that’s not just on the board. Now that’s something worth playing with. Take a look:

If anything, perhaps Ouija will keep kids from playing with their “spirit boards” for kicks. Although knowing how the younger set can react to these things, there will be probably be an uptick in board sales as soon as the film hits the big screen.
Ouija is the directorial debut of Stiles White, who previously wrote other horror films like Boogeyman and The Possession (White also, quite curiously, wrote The Proud Family Movie, which is kind of scary on its own). White also has a strong background in special effects, which should come into play here, as he worked in special effects production coordination for films like Congo, The Ghost and the Darkness, The Sixth Sense, and Jurassic Park III. White co-wrote the film alongside Juliet Snowden, who he penned Boogeyman, Knowing, and The Possession with. And, fun fact, the horror-loving couple is married. Sweet!

The film stars Olivia Cooke, Douglas Smith, Bianca Santos, Daren Kagasoff, Vivis Colombetti, Ana Coto, and Erin Moriarty.

Ouija opens this Halloween.

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