Watch: First Trailer for Stephen Daldry’s ‘Trash’ Explodes

By July 31, 2014

There’s one lesson of crime films that consistently holds true — if you find a random bag or box or wallet filled with money or similar, it’s a bad idea to try to make away with it. Did you find a box of money in the woods? That doesn’t mean that no one saw you. Was there a bag of money resting gently on the sidewalk? It comes with strings attached. Did you dig a small leather bag out of a trash heap? It’s going to catch up with you.

In Stephen Daldry’s Trash, that trope marches strongly on. Rope of Silicon shares that the film is about “three boys in a third world country who scrape a living by picking through trash. One day they find a leather bag, the contents of which plunge them into a terrifying adventure, pitting their wits against corruption and authority to right a wrong.” Don’t pick up that bag, boys. Don’t do it. Oops, you did it.

The film’s first trailer has finally arrived — why has this thing been hiding? it looks solid — and while it’s in Portugese, it’s still very easy to follow. Boys find bag. Boys get in trouble.

Daldry apparently made this film with the minimum of buzz, as this is the first we’ve seen of it, and the film doesn’t yet have a release date. But it’s got a strong style (Daldry’s style has long been an ability to mix up other styles) and big presence. Even better? It returns Daldry to something he’s done quite successfully before, especially with his breakout hit Billy Elliott, which is to pair him with a young cast. Billy Elliot put both Daldry and star Jamie Bell on the map, and perhaps Trash will serve the same purpose for the film’s youngest stars. Need some recognizable star power with your films? Don’t worry, Trash also has a strong supporting cast, including Rooney Mara, Martin Sheen, and Wagner Moura.

Take a look at its first trailer:

The film will hit theaters in Brazil this October, though it does not yet have a U.S. release date. Universal does hold the distributions rights, and it’s expected that the film will at least pop up at various film festivals this fall.

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