Watch: It’s a Brand New Katie Holmes in First ‘Miss Meadows’ Trailer

By August 21, 2014

Well, this is unexpected.

The plot for Karen Leigh Hopkins’ Miss Meadows kind of sounds, well, like a joke, but the execution of the film’s first trailer is so crisp and tense that it’s suddenly rocketed to the top of our must-see lists. In the film, Katie Holmes (yes, Katie Holmes) plays the eponymous Miss Meadows, a prim and proper elementary school teacher who delights in the nice things in life — retro dresses, neat hair, her students — but who also harbors a deep secret. She’s a vigilante. No, really. And she looks awesome doing it.

This trailer makes it pretty clear that Miss Meadows’ own past is the root of her desire to shoot bad people down, as she’s particularly dedicated to protecting little ones (she is a teacher, after all), and flashbacks indicate that something terrible happened to her when she was small. There’s also a hint that she’s being doing this for awhile — and, man, does Holmes look surprisingly badass and totally comfortable when she’s holding a gun — and that perhaps she’s had to skip town before, especially when her activities have come to light.

And will her activities come to light in Miss Meadows? Eh, maybe, but her making out with a local cop (James Badge Dale, who you will likely recognize from everywhere) sure might slow the process down.

Check out the first trailer for Miss Meadows (thanks to E! Online) below:

Right? Not exactly what you were expecting, huh? This isn’t cheesy or silly — this really looks like a dark and dirty crime film, gussied up in very nice dresses and sweater sets. Will this kick off an entirely new era in Katie Holmes’ career? What’s next, The Expendabelles (we hope not)?

A look forward at Holmes’ upcoming work indicates that, while she might not be going whole hog on this crime thing, she is looking into darker stuff. We’ll next see Holmes in Mania Days, about a pair of manic depressives who fall in love while in a psychiatric hospital, followed by Woman in Gold, which is about a Holocaust survivor determined to get back artwork she believes the government stole from her family. This isn’t light stuff by any means, but if this means we’re about to get a mess of Miss Meadows-esque Holmes, well, that sounds pretty good right now.

Miss Meadows debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, and will arrive in theaters on November 14.

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