Watch One of the Weirdest ‘Star Wars’ Videos You’ll Ever See

By June 3, 2014

I don’t have the specific numbers to back this up, but I’m pretty sure there are more fans of Star Wars active online than any other film franchise. Star Wars fans helped define the intense, passionate sect of fandom that’s become normalized over the past decade or so: those who don’t just watch the films, but voraciously consume them, pore over them, remix them, write their own fan fiction, create their own costumes, and even make their own movies set in their favorite universe.

There have been countless Star Wars remixes, supercuts, video essays, and more over the years, but Screencrush pointed out a video with a concept so insane that I’ve never seen it done before, and I’m guessing you haven’t either: it’s the original Star Wars film with all of the dialogue edited into alphabetical order. It’s also 43 minutes long, so I don’t expect you to carve out enough time to watch the whole thing, but click around in it for a few minutes – it’s surprisingly hypnotic.

The editor created software specifically for this purpose, but the reason why someone would spend the effort to invent software like this remains a mystery. But hey, creating a fresh, new take on Star Wars all these years later after the internet has essentially sucked the franchise dry is pretty impressive, so I’ll give this dude some props for originality.

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