WATCH: The New ‘Street Fighter V’ Trailer

By February 9, 2016

Capcom’s big daddy Street Fighter is back and is due out February 16th as an exclusive to the PS4 and PC. With a new CG trailer released this week Street Fighter V looks ready to captivate all the button mashing fight fans around the world (TechRadar).

Just take a look at the lineup! This game is loaded from top to bottom with old favorites and new exciting characters, as announced via

Street Fighter V CH1

Street Fighter V CH2I will openly admit I’m not a fighting game fan, but I’m a huge fan of giant IP’s and the Street Fighter brand is rightfully one of them. An iconic brand that most everyone will recognize. This game is filled to the brim with tradition, much like Mario, Doom, and Samus (Metroid) that fans just eat up. With an art style that is unique and a story mode coming in June. Street Fighter V looks to have all the ingredients for success. Will all this hype translate into a great game? Only time will tell.

So for everyone out there Nation, what do you think of Street Fighter V? Will it live up to the high bar set by its predecessors or will it fall into obscurity? Sound off below and stay hooked to GeekNation for all your gaming needs.

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