Watch: Trailer for ‘Monsters: Dark Continent,’ New Sequel to ‘Godzilla’ Director Gareth Edwards’ Breakthrough Film

By May 16, 2014

Just a quick PSA here: if you get a chance to catch Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla this weekend, you should really, really do it. It’s great! No, it’s genuinely great! You’ll be Godzilla-screaming for whole days afterward, we guarantee it. Gaaahhhhrrr!

You know what’s also great? Monsters, Edwards’ breakthrough film, a lo-fi, small budget sci-fi feature about monsters of many varieties — the intergalactic and the emotional. Edwards’ 2010 film was his first true feature — he’d previously helmed a TV movie and a pair of TV documentaries before he wrote and directed the project — and there’s no question that the strength of that outing set him up for maximum Godzilla success.

And why shouldn’t it? The film, which centers on a world post-alien attack, balances genuine thrills with a very human perspective, the exact thing that Edwards brings to the table with his Godzilla. The film even made its eponymous monsters (aliens who live on electricity) feel kind of sympathetic, no easy feat, but the sort of thing he sure does in Godzilla, too.

The same can not be said for this first look at Tom Green’s Monsters: Dark Continent, the follow-up to Edwards’ film, and one that shifts its perspective to new characters living in the same universe. The short plot description of the film sure sounds like it’s in the same league as the first Monstersas it centers on a solider who returns to the “Infected Zone” to rescue a fallen comrade, again setting up a pair of characters (the first film focused on a journalist and his boss’ daughter) who must get through the most dangerous area in the world without getting killed. But while the first Monsters was all about tone and emotion, the first trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent makes it sound like it’s about…rap music?

Take a look:

Hmm. Sure, this is just a quick look at the film, but it’s also one that barely establishes its plot, its characters, and its aims. It also makes the aliens look like crazed, well, monsters, and doesn’t seem to be concerned at all with their desire and need for electricity. They’re in a barren desert, for goodness sakes.

Although Edwards did not write or direct this new feature, he does serve as one of the film’s executive producers (alongside Monsters  star Scoot McNairy, incidentally), so perhaps there’s still hope for this new film.

Monsters: Dark Continent does not yet have a U.S. release date, but it will hit the UK on September 26.

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