Watch: You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar That This New ‘Annie’ Trailer Will Move You

By August 20, 2014

At this point, it seems like kind of a hopeless endeavor to rail against the proliferation of remakes in Hollywood (and sequels and reimaginings and what have you). They’re everywhere these days, and no matter how much time fans of the original films spend railing against them, they still make money and pull in crowds. People want to see them — even if it’s just for curiosity’s sake — so perhaps it’s time to embrace them. Your favorite movie will probably get remade some day, but don’t be upset! Just try to open your heart to the possibility that a fresh incarnation of your beloved film could still charm. After all, the sun will come out tomorrow. Well, probably.

Which is all a long way of saying that, yes, that Annie remake is headed our way — and soon — and we might as well at least try to accept it. The Will Gluck film sees Beasts of the Southern Wild cutie Quvenzhané Wallis stepping into the role of the adorable mop-topped orphan Annie, with Jamie Foxx taking the Daddy Warbucks role (here, his character is known as “Benjamin Stacks”) and Cameron Diaz filling in as the mean old Miss Hannigan. The central idea of the film is still the same: orphan Annie charms the well-off Stacks, eventually making her way into his heart and home, and changing everyone for the better in the process. Oh, also, there’s music — but you knew that already.

The film has certainly added in some modern touches, from George Clooney jokes to an updated Sandy the dog, but the heart of the feature sure seems to be the same. Even the updated songs still charm, and it’s hard not to feel a little chill run down your spine when they get belted out. Here, take a look at the latest trailer for the film, and just try not to smile.

See? Pretty charming, right?

This new Annie imagines Mr. Stacks (still keeping those cash metaphors going, we see) as a rising political star who all but stumbles into little orphan Annie. Stacks saves her life — he may be kind of a jerk, but it’s the right thing to do — and what should have been a one-off street interaction becomes front page news, thanks to a bevy of photos of the incident that soon hit the wire. Suddenly, Stacks is likable. Suddenly, his campaign is on the up and up. Suddenly…a small child has moved into his house?

Annie is smart enough to know what’s what, but she’s also sad enough to take on the role of profile booster. But what happens when everyone starts, well, just loving each other? Plenty of singing, that’s what. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Annie will open on December 19th.

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Kate Erbland
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  • Lil Dragon

    My niece is very excited to see this and it does look sweet. So far in the clips I have seen the actors seem to have plenty of chemistry.