‘Watchmen’ TV Series Possibly Coming from HBO and Zack Snyder

By October 1, 2015

Alan Moore’s Watchmen is considered one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of comics. Any “What’s the greatest comic ever written?” argument usually comes down to either that or Batman: Year One. It’s such dense material that in 2009 when Zack Snyder adapted it for the big screen, the reaction of most fans was “Yeah, good luck with that.” All things considered, he actually did a pretty decent job of it, though it certainly wasn’t the box-office-shattering hit many hoped it would be.

Well, tentatively rejoice, Watchmen fans! According to this exclusive report from Collider, Snyder has had talks with HBO about bringing Dr. Manhatten, Rorschach, Ozymandias, and the rest of the gang to TV. While we don’t know much beyond “talks happened” at this point, the prospect of a Watchmen TV series is incredibly exciting. As I said before, the story is incredibly dense and filled with so many interconnected storylines that quite frankly a series makes much more sense than a movie ever did. Snyder’s film was bold in its attempt, but there was A LOT left out from the source material. A series could really flesh out everything and give Watchmen fans the true cinematic experience they’ve dreamed of.

One other thing to consider is Before Watchmen, the 2012 pre-quel series released by DC Comics after they acquired the property rights from Alan Moore (who was not involved in its development). Though it didn’t reach the critical heights of the original, most of the eight limited series (and a single one-shot) were well-received. In particular, The MinutemenOzymandias, and Nite Owl were all quite successful. So not only would HBO have access to the original Moore classic, but Before Watchmen provides them with even more material to craft a show from.

As the Collider report points out, this could very well develop in a fashion similar to what Marvel and Netflix are currently doing with DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage, and Iron Fist: four separate stories that will ultimately tie together with The Defenders. HBO could do solo series based on the Before Watchmen material, culminating in a re-imagining of Watchmen on the small screen. There’s also an obvious Game of Thrones parallel based simply on the scope of the project we’re talking about here. In fact, this could certainly fill the dragon-sized hole that will be left once Thrones wraps up in a few years.

Again, nothing is known for certain beyond the fact that the two sides have discussed making this happen. It’s far too early to get anyone’s hopes too high up. But the potential here is quite exciting. It would be great to finally see Watchmen receive a live-action treatment worthy of its seminal source material.

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  • David Johnson

    Was really into the movie but like You’ve written to much material not enough time. Plus HBO has figured out a interesting story can be a Cash Cow!!!!