‘Wayward Pines’ Could Be Back for a Second Season

By July 27, 2015

Although it was only picked up as a limited event series at Fox that concluded last night, it looks like there may be a future for “Wayward Pines.”

In a new interview at Deadline with executive producer M. Night Shyamalan, new hope may be coming for Fox to return to the series that’s based off of the Wayward Pines trilogy of novels by author Blake Crouch. General critical reception to the television adaptation has been strong, and that overall tenor of acclaim may be enough to push things forward for new episodes. On the subject of new episodes, Shyamalan said,

We’re super surprised, excited, humbled by the reaction to Wayward Pines, and I did ask Blake to come over to my house, which he did. We did sit down for a few days, and we talked about all kinds of things, and we both felt very good about our time together. We both made a pact saying if we did decide to do something more here that we would approach it with a very high level of integrity and not let the opportunity dictate it because we’re both happy to walk away. […] I knew where I wanted to go. I knew I wanted the fences to come down. I knew where we were heading for the finale and so we could architecture the 10-episodes in that manner. So, I am happy to walk away, especially with such a wonderful reaction and all that stuff. But honestly, Blake and I do have an idea.

When asked if he would direct more than one episode in a prospective second season, Shyamalan seems sure that he’s interested in directing episodes, but not all of them.

I probably wouldn’t do all 10 episodes right now like that because films are still my day job. I really love the one-two of it all. For me, this is an ideal year like this, in the sense that there’s a TV show that I can talk to audiences, and then I can put out a film after that. That was kind of the dream version of this that you can have the relationship with the audience in between the two years it takes to make a movie. It’s an exciting opportunity to continue to tell new stories.

Although its first episode aired during a competitive time on television, “Wayward Pines” went on to post the strongest numbers in Fox’s history in “Live +3” ratings, meaning the numbers that take into account people that watched as it aired, in addition to people who watched via DVR within the first three days of its original airing.

For more on “Wayward Pines,” be sure to check out our initial coverage and interviews with Shyamalan and star Matt Dillon conducted at C2E2 this year. For any new developments, keep an eye on GeekNation!

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