We May Finally Know When ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Will Premiere

By January 2, 2016

Whats up with the secrecy? It’s Netflix! You say when the show is gonna show and we watch the show before retreating back to our show-hole.

I just won a five dollar bet with myself that I could say “show” four times in one sentence.

All we’ve heard is that Daredevil will show his wonderful crime fighting self sometime in 2016 until EW who’s latest issue is bringing all the boys to the yard dropped a release date un-ceremoniously.

It just sits there. Listing the release date…. for March!

Thats right fellow Netflix inhalers, prepare (as I shall) for March Madness, Saint Patties Day AND Season 2 of Daredevil. From binge drinking to binge watching we’re all going to have a great month. I may just let myself go. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice releases in March as well and I would cryogenically freeze myself right now were that an option.

Just two to three more months! Yeah! How about you GeekNation? Will you binge the second season or enjoy it slowly you self controlled son of a gun? Stay tuned to GeekNation for an exact release date!

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Mike Holtz
Mike Holtz is just a guy looking for any excuse to talk movies and needs to be able to give people a legitimate reason to spend what they spend on popcorn each month. The Dad to a superhero little girl with another on the way, Mike's also written for a few cool websites and talked for a few more. Also, Mike cries like a school girl every time he watches 'Rocky.'