Weekend Roundup: Olympic Pics Part 1

By July 30, 2012

Each week I send a shout out to all my Tweeps for pics, and this week I asked for pics of the Olympics, from the Olympics and about the Olympics!  You might be viewing live from London – or like me, from your living room – you sent me some awesome images from the world’s sporting playground!

My girlfriend Zara in London says:  “Queue up for a couple of hours with the real thing? Or commandeer an inflatable device? Well, time is precious and I ain’t gettin’ any younger!!!!” Love it girlfriend.  And love it even more that you “wrestled it out of a small child’s grasp.”

Janice Edgar aka @Janicee5264 tweets: “Watching the sailing from here.”  Beautiful!

Jana aka @Skyprague tweets: “Canoe slalom on TV & basketball, gymnastics, archery & tennis on my monitor.  It’s hard to choose!”

@CJArabia says “Me & @CousinLisa22 took a break from watching swimming to do some swimming!”

Tasha posts: “Busy Innit” with an amazing view of the men’s and woman’s road race course from her flat window.  Cheers Tasha!

Jon Lysons aka @likewow23 tweets: “My fav pic is from the BBC, it’s my sister’s front door used in the countdown to the opening ceremony.”  Very cool!

Despite that fact that I remained in Los Angeles, I had a great Olympic weekend!  Friday was filled with watching the Opening Ceremonies, to which I was completely impressed.  I actually found the incorporation of “real” people very touching, IE the participation of doctors, nurses and even construction workers whom helped build the arena.  This gesture of inclusion and thanks gave the evening filled with the likes of David Beckham, Mr. Bean and of course Daniel Craig and the Queen a humanistic touch and flavor which I found really nice.  Overall, I thought the musical aspect was great, albeit being surprised Pink Floyd wasn’t played until near the end.  I also loved the twit-pics @PaulMcCartney tweeted from backstage!

Great job Danny Boyle and London, you’re looking fabulous!

Saturday and Sunday were filled with Olympic viewing whilst relaxing and swimming in my pool.  As the games only come around every two years, and these events only every four, I dedicate much of my available time to watching the absolute maximum amount of Olympic television possible.  I’m not kidding!  If there were an event for most hours viewed… I would definitely be in medal contention.  BTW, anyone catch that great gymnastic scrunchie action?

Today after being particularly inspired by the diving and swimming events, we held the Gav-Olympics in our own backyard.

Hope everyone has a great week!  xo

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