Welcome To “The Foodnited States Of America”

By March 11, 2015

Last year, Foodiggity.com creator Chris Durso’s child (below) suggested they make a food map of all 50 states renamed with said food items.


And with that, “The Foodnited States Of America” was born. With names like “Prosciutah,” “North Duckota,” “New Spamshire, “Avocolorado,” and the food geographically shaped, it’s not hard to recognize which state is which.








And of course, my adopted home state of “Kaleifornia.”



Pretty snazzy! As someone who once lived in Idaho, REALLY glad that Durso and his son didn’t take the “potato” route but my birth state of Georgia being made from gorgonzola cheese? GROSS! Hahahaha.

If you’d like to see more of the father and son project, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram!

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  • fierce warrior

    that is just so awesome

  • Annie

    totally made my day!

  • 420leanin

    super creative

  • YAmendola

    i bet that made his son learn the 50 states easily

  • Thomas

    mmm yummy!

  • Mildred

    welcome to the foodnited states of america!