‘Westworld’ Director: It All Changes Sunday

By November 13, 2016


If you’ve been looking for that moment where you can finally feel like you know what’s going on in HBO’s Westworld, it appears that Sunday is the night.

Frederick E.O. Toye, the director behind the upcoming episode, gave the warning to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think Episode 7 is a huge game changer in terms of the story. I think a lot of the reality that we’re seeing is brought to clarity. It brings a whole new perspective on what we’ve been watching for these past six episodes. I think we reveal a lot of information that will make this show incredibly rewarding moving forward.

“For me, it’s a very powerful chapter.”

And Toye may have some solid insight into the worlds J.J. Abrams is a part of. He’s directed episodes on many of the producer’s shows, like LostAliasFringe and 11.22.63. He has had a chance to see these stories unfold from an angle viewers never get to see. For him, Sunday’s episode is what everyone’s been waiting for.

Not that it will answer questions. If Westworld follows any of Abrams’ past work, answers are typically provided with more questions. But, Toye said, it will help provide some focus to what’s been happening so far.

Who knows, maybe it will help show if some various online theories are correct. One of the biggest ones is whether the story is being told in two different time periods, suggesting some type of relationship (like, are they the same person?) between Jimmi Simpson’s William and Ed Harris’ Man in Black.

Whatever the answer is, we’ll find out tonight. Westworld airs Sundays on HBO.

For some additional clues into Sunday’s episode, check out some stills we’ve posted over on the GeekNation Facebook page.

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