When Memes Attack: Lundy and ERMAHGERD!

By July 19, 2012

Back in March, an image of a very, VERY happy girl complete with retainer, ponytails, a love for sweater vests and Goosebumps was submitted to popular site, Reddit, with the caption “Just a book owners smile…”

Funny on it’s own but it was when a Redditor named “plantlife” linked to what’s known as a “Quickmeme submission” of the same photo with “Gersberms, mah fravrit berks”, which translated means “Goosebumps, my favorite books” said with an excited and rather thick lisp only achieved through the wearing of a retainer (something I am all too familiar with), which looks something like this:

And with that, an internet meme was born. Once unleashed on the world, this means people aka your “friends” will run that shiz into the ground within a matter of months through Twitter, Facebook, chat rooms, Xbox Live parties, IRL parties, and other settings until you begin to wish for sweet, sweet death.

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words” but in this guy’s case (as with every popular meme), it’s “A picture is a word said a THOUSAND times…then your friends wanna punch you in the face.”

Meet Lundy, a 26-year-old Canadian from Victoria, BC, who makes “daily vlogs to fill a portion of my day.”

While researching the origin of “Ermahgerd” I came across this adorable little ginger boy’s video confessing what happens when you say “ermahgerd” just a little too much to where you do it in front of your clueless boss.

So if you’re like this guy and can’t control your “ermahgerds”, this is for you…

Not sure if Lundy was ever punched in the face like he predicted he would be someday but like most memes, the lifespan for a popular one is around six to eight months and as we’re just about to hit the six month mark, I find myself saying it less and less; which is a good thing.


Ermahgerd Pets will NEVER stop being funny.



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