Where’s Dory? New Disney/Pixar Posters Revealed for ‘Finding Dory’

By February 9, 2016

I’m a sucker for anything Pixar. And lately, anything Disney. I mean, duh. Of course. The two companies are at the top of their game nowadays after the solid gold one-two punch of Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur. Some people were worried that Pixar lost their magic touch after a slew of sequels and nary a original story. But that’s in the rearview – Inside Out is arguably the best Pixar movie — OF ALL TIME. I said it. And The Good Dinosaur is also an amazing movie, definitely up there in some of their best ever conversations. I think Dinosaur wasn’t spoken about as much due to Inside Out leveling everyone’s emotional balance, reverting most to a blubbering baby. That’s a good thing.

Now that goodwill is back tenfold, I’m hearing less about sequel fatigue and more talk of being excited for their upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo – Finding DoryI’m not going to lie… I want this movie. Want it bad. I love the original so much – the characters, story, music; talk about being at the top of their game…? Back then? There was no other game in town. Not even Disney. It was Pixar at full strength.

When the sequel, Finding Dory was announced, I heard a few scoffs and sighs but not from me… You mean they’re making a movie around Ellen Degeneres’ Dory searching for her parents? You mean Dory? The forgetful fish who would get lost in a pond? Sign. Me. Up.

So yeah, I smiled from ear to ear with these new posters released from the movie. Simple, cute, beautiful – and knowing it’s Dory we’ll be focusing on, endless possibilities. At least as far as forgetful fish movies are concerned. Sure it’s a sequel – one to a beloved classic. But at least it is trying for something different and not recycling a similar plot. Like, thankfully, Nemo didn’t wander off again.

Anyways, look. And tell me, where’s Dory?

findingdory-poster1findingdory-poster2findingdory-poster3findingdory-poster4I’m sorry but I LOVE THESE! I smile thinking about her voice as if she’s taunting all of us as we look at these to, obviously, find her. She’s played hide and seek before, after all. So to imagine say, Nemo, looking for her among the ocean’s animals and plant life, where she is so obviously there in plain sight, makes this an easy win for me. Plus, can you imagine what Pixar’s animation will look like 13 years after the original? It will probably be it’s most beautiful yet.

These along with this hilarious little teaser I can’t get enough.

Finding Dory stars the voices of Ellen Degeneres, Albert Brooks, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, Kaitlin Olsen and Michael Sheen.

It arrives June 17th in theatres everywhere.

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