Who Is Juliette Lewis Going to Play in the ‘Jem and the Holograms’ Movie?

By May 20, 2014

As is important, before we get to new Jem and the Holograms movie news, we need to take a moment to savor the fact that we get to talk about a new Jem and the Holograms movie. It’s almost worth singing about (while wearing neon and playing the keytar, obviously). Truly outrageous.

That aside, Deadline reports that Jon M. Chu’s live-action retelling of the classic eighties animated series has added a new cast member — and unlike its core cast, this is someone you’ve actually heard of. The outlet shares that Juliette Lewis has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. Although there are still plenty of roles that have yet to be revealed (like who will play the Holograms’ nemeses, The Misfits and/or The Stingers), there does seem to be one role that would be just perfect for Lewis — that of Synergy, the magical holographic machine that transforms Jerrica Benton (the regular girl) into Jem (the rock star). Synergy needs a voice, and someone like Juliette Lewis — a rocker in her own right — sounds like sort of the perfect fit (not that we wouldn’t love to see her in person in the film also, but let us dream here).


Unless, wait, maybe we might meet Jem’s mom in this new outing? Lewis could be a fantastic Jem’s mom. The Jem show was always more focused on the relationship between Jem and her dad, and while that seems to still be at the heart of this feature, why not introduce her mother into the picture? (And, yes, this is all just big time speculation.)

The new film will reportedly see Jem and the rest of the Holograms embarking on a musical adventure in Los Angeles, but that’s just about everything we know about it so far. We need more details!

The film is set to star Aubrey Peeples as Jerrica Benton aka Jem, Stefanie Scott as Kimber, Aurora Perrineau as Shana, Hayley Kiyoko as Aja, and Ryan Guzman as Rio. Production has already kicked off on the movie — this thing really is moving pretty fast, isn’t it? we only heard about it back in March, and now it’s filming — so we can probably expect to hear more news soon.

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