Why You Should Watch “The Eric Andre Show”

By November 27, 2014

Every Thursday night at 12:15 on Adult Swim, it begins with eight little words…

“Ladies and Gentlemen – It’s ‘The Eric Andre Show’!”

…and for 15 minutes, the most chaotic, subversive, and BRILLIANT comedic happenings happen.

Back for season 3, “The Eric Andre Show” is ready to mess with with not only your head, but the heads of whomever is daring enough to be a guest on his show OR some poor bastard who just happens to be in his path during their “on the street” gags on the streets of NYC.

The change of locale (the street gags in the previous seasons took place in L.A.) and attitudes of the people on the streets of NYC are vastly different (aggressive) and Eric Andre himself told me it was due to the fact that not only was the show originally meant to shoot in New York and because there’s more “foot traffic,” there’s more opportunities for said gags – and in some cases, getting a near asskicking.


With comedian Hannibal Buress by his side, they do everything possible to mess with their celebrity guests (this season includes Seth Rogen, porn star Asa Akira and celebutard Lauren Conrad from MTV’s “The Hills”) to see how much they can get away with and for a split second, you REALLY see what that person’s made of…but one thing’s for sure: NONE of them have any idea what they’re walking into.

“None of our guests have any idea beforehand what’s going to happen,” Andre told me. And while some, like a rather bewildered and permanently nice guy Seth Rogen or porn star Asa Akira, roll with the punches – sometimes I live for the ones who have zero sense of humor and storm off (like Lauren Conrad). I should also point out that not all the guests are the actual person, so when the announcer says who the guests are for the night, you have no idea whether it’ll be some random (and usually older) person they grabbed off the street (or possibly Craigslist) or the ACTUAL person – I screamed with glee when I saw they really DID have Dolph Lundgren back in the very first episode of the first season.


And while Andre couldn’t say enough about how lovely Asa Akira (above) really was with all the weirdness that occurred within the five-ish minutes she was on (and also because I’m guessing being in porn, she’s seen weirder) but it was Lauren Conrad’s reaction to Andre’s gag (that also had ME gagging) I had to ask about.

“After she left the set, we had to calm her down and tell her we were just playing around and it was a joke. We gave her a bottle of wine and calmed her down. We managed to get her to come back out for a couple more minutes and then she stormed out of there.”

And THAT’S the kind of stuff I live for – overentitled buttholes being treated in the manner they deserve. Mwahahaha.

Check out what happened when “True Blood” star Ryan Kwanten stopped by the set:

If you’re ready to join in the chaos, tune in Thursday nights at 12:15 am on [adult swim] and adultswim.com!

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