Will One of These Filmmakers Direct the ‘Masters of the Universe’ Film?

By February 27, 2014

Hey, did you forget about that big-time Masters of the Universe film? We sort of did, too – especially after last October’s news that long-attached director Jon M. Chu was no longer on board, just as tentpole-heavy screenwriter Terry Rossio hopped on to write the film’s most recent script. But the latest reboot of a beloved property is far from dead, and we might actually be one step closer to finding out who is going to put Castle Grayskull on the big screen.

The Wrap reports that a trio of directors is currently “in contention” for the feature, with the three emerging as the apparent “frontrunners” for the gig. They’re on the top of the short list, you guys. In layman’s terms? It seems like probably one of these three will direct the film (unless all of them don’t make the cut and the cycle continues), and we’re going to be optimistic with this one.

The list, at least as of now and according to The Wrap, includes Harald Zwart, Chris McKay, and Mike Cahill. If this list is true, it sure seems as if Sony and Escape Artists are digging far and wide to find their helmer – it would be hard to find a more motley crew than this.


As The Wrap notes, Zwart “makes the most sense for the gig,” considering he is the only director in the apparent mix with a big-time reboot under his belt. He directed the massively successful Jaden Smith-starring spin on The Karate Kid, though he recently also helmed the critically derided but financially successful The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Zwart is also reportedly a Sony “studio favorite,” so while no one is saying it, he certainly seems like an obvious top pick.

Elsewhere, Cahill is the firmly indie pick – he’s previously helmed Sundance favorites Another Earth and I Origins, both of which were picked up by Fox Searchlight. Despite both of Cahill’s Sundance features having decidedly sci-fi bents, they are principally concerned with psychology and interpersonal relationships that, well, would make a very different kind of Masters of the Universe.

McKay would certainly be the more “fun” choice. The editor and animation supervisor/co-director of The Lego Movie is also a “key creative force” with Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken.

And, again, take this all with a grain of salt – even The Wrap’s piece warns that “no deals are in place and a studio insider cautions that other directors are still in the mix.” What does that mean? You (yes, you!) could still direct Masters of the Universe! Hopefully, though, we’re reaching the end of this stage of pre-production and we might actually have a director locked soon – and then casting can start!

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Kate Erbland
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