Will Smith Could Star in Repeating-Day Thriller ‘Selling Time’

By October 25, 2013

Will Smith1

Here’s hoping that this project’s reported plotline isn’t as wildly depressing as it sounds, because this one could be a real downer (and, to be frank, really confusing).

The Wrap reports that Will Smith is close to signing to star in Selling Time, a production that “follows a man who is given a chance to relive the worst day of his life in exchange for seven years off his life expectancy.” That sounds…not fun, Will Smith. Why would you do that, Will Smith? You know what, Will Smith, we’re betting that said “worst day” involves something you’d like to fix – perhaps your wife and children were killed in a terrible accident, maybe you spilled coffee all over the important papers at work, you could even have skipped out on a big date – and we’re also betting that you might not succeed in fixing things the first go-round, and might also need to keep “selling time” to make things right. It’s like In Time, but maybe good.


The film has an interesting background to it – if you consider “years of rewrites” and “development hell” interesting – but Smith seems to see something in it, as he was originally attached to the script years ago. Since then, Derick and Steven Martini have done a rewrite, and even Spike Lee took a pass at it. With potential new life in it, its original scribe, Dan McDermott, is also giving it a new draft.

There’s no word on who will direct the film, though the outlet reports that “several A-list filmmakers are now circling the movie.” Smith’s official involvement is still chatter at this point, but should it prove true, we’ll likely hear about it soon – this project could benefit from the push of big star attachment.

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