Will Wesley Snipes Ever Return as Blade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

By May 27, 2016

Despite owning the rights to the character once again, one of the few properties that Marvel Studios has not brought back to life or introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe up until this point, is Blade, who received three of his own films in the pre-MCU days, with Wesley Snipes in the title role and were made under New Line Cinema at the time. Considering the tone and arrangement of characters in the MCU right now, his exclusion isn’t all that shocking though, if we’re being completely transparent here.

However, that hasn’t stopped discussions from being had amongst the fan community, regarding whether or not we might see the beloved character return to the big (or small) screen again. It looks like we can count one person who wants Marvel to hurry up with it though.

Recently on Twitter, Snipes himself revealed that the possibility for more Blade is always open, but pressured that whether or not it ends up happening, revolves around Marvel for the time being:

He wasn’t done there either…

Let’s face it, with the world and tone that Marvel has carefully created onscreen with the MCU, the likelihood of them bringing Blade into the same mix as the Avengers is pretty slim because it just wouldn’t work all that well with the other characters and films. However, if they did ever decide to bring him back to life again, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up on the smaller screen, Netflix side of the MCU with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Punisher,  and the other Defenders, after all of the series have established a much darker and more violent tone than anything in the MCU.

Aside from getting there even as well, I find the possibility of Marvel going so far as to bring Snipes back as the role, after all of these years, even slimmer. It seems like the character is already very low on their totem pole right now, I don’t see them bringing Snipes back for it if they do. No matter how badly some fans might want it.

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