Witness Every Single James Bond Kill Ever in This New, Awesome Supercut

By October 12, 2015

After taking the franchise into completely uncharted territory with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond has refreshingly become a unique mix of both the classic and contemporary tones of the James Bond franchise. Director Sam Mendes and co. have taken it upon themselves to include some interesting nods to some of the previous films of the franchise in their efforts too, with Javier Bardem’s villain in Skyfall even being a mix of the classic Bond antagonists, with a darker backstory that fits Craig’s run as the character.

Leading up to next month’s theatrical release of Spectre too – the latest installment of the Bond franchise – a new supercut has surfaced online that shows every single time the suave spy has killed someone onscreen. From the zany, over-the-top deaths to some of the more brutal sequences in the franchise’s history, check out all of 007’s sometimes darkest moments below (via Auralnauts):

One thing that this video shows too, aside from a lot of movie deaths, is the intriguing trajectory that this franchise has gone in over the years. The way all of the different actors have approached the role, and the general tone of each iteration and installment is on display in this video, and it sort of puts into context how heavily a character can be changed and shown differently when it’s in the hands of different creative people. With Spectre only a few weeks away too, this video gives a much needed reminder of just how much history is behind this character and property.

Who else is counting down the days until they can see 007 onscreen again? Cause I know I am.

Spectre is set to hit theatres on November 6th.

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