CNN Proves That Women Are Better At Driving While Stoned Than Men

By February 21, 2013

If you are a pot smoker, or love a pot smoker, you should check out this video. CNN did some tests to see how smoking pot affects your driving. Turns out…not that much, and if this test is any indication as to how the rest of us would drive, it looks like women are much better at driving high than men. Not only are they better at it, but they have a lot more fun doing it as well.

I LOVE Addy. She shows up super stoned already, then gets more and more stoned, and then has a blast driving around the track high in front of cops. To be honest, I think Addy’s just had more experience driving while high than the men, it’s just a hunch.  It’s not like you would want to admit on national television that you drive high on a regular basis.

Please don’t try to conduct a test like this at home.

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