‘Wonder Woman’ Director Calls Claims That The Film is a Mess “Entirely False”

By August 13, 2016

Right now, many fans are looking towards next year’s Wonder Woman standalone film as the first step into the right direction for the DCEU, as the universe moves into a new era of supervision, with Geoff Johns taking the reins as the head of the DC Films division, and will hopefully be the kind of singular standalone story that the universe needs right now. Thanks to a stellar SDCC trailer for the film as well, it seemed like those hopes may not be end up being in vein either.

Which is probably why yesterday, fans looking forward to the standalone movie were shaken up slightly, when an open letter to WB from an alleged former employee said that there were internal claims that the movie is a mess, being hidden behind a great trailer.

In a very Wonder Woman-esque move though, the film’s director Patty Jenkins didn’t waste much time in firing back at the claims, calling them “entirely false” on social media. Read her reactions below:

Honestly, the press surrounding Wonder Woman up to this point has been nothing but positive, and it’s not hard to see why either. Jenkins is a director with a lot of good will behind her right now, and I’ll just say that some very thrown in comments about the film from a former WB employee upset with the studio’s current management (for understandable reasons), should be taken with even less than a grain of salt.

Basically, what both Jenkins and we are saying right now is, don’t believe everything you read online, especially when it comes to films like these. The movie is still almost a year out from being released, and the last thing it needs is for people to start calling it a mess, when it’s still not even close to being finished or polished off. Plus, it’s nice to see a director so vehemently stand behind her film as well, and continues to prove to me why Jenkins was the right choice for the film from the very beginning too.

Wonder Woman is set to hit theatres on June 2nd, 2017.

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