‘Wonder Woman’ Set Photos Show Diana, Steve Trevor, and The Amazons

By April 2, 2016

While fans and critics are still busy arguing about whether or not Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sucks (heck, we don’t even agree about it here at GeekNation), one of the few things most folks seem to agree on is that Gal Gadot has an incredible, show-stealing introduction as Wonder Woman. Part spy, part badass Amazonian warrior, Gadot owns the screen every time she shows up in the film. With such a strong showing, it’s no surprise that the hype and buzz surrounding her solo film, set for release next year and currently in production, has quickly escalated. Hey, remember when people didn’t think she was right for the role? Good job with that, internet.

So far we’ve only seen one official image released for the film, but today we’ve got two batches of the always popular behind-the-scenes variety. Straight from the film’s set in Italy (courtesy of Twitter account DCEU Facts), they show what appears to be Diana’s first encounter with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

Here’s another batch, from user DC Extended Universe, that shows General Antiope (Robin Wright) getting in on the action.

Wonder Woman’s past was only briefly touched upon in Batman v Superman, so her full origin story will be told next year. We’ve already seen a bit of footage from the film, courtesy of this brief featurette, hopefully we’ll get a full trailer soon (perhaps attached to Suicide Squad?). She’ll then return in December 2017 for Justice League, Part One.

Wonder Woman is set for release on June 23, 2017.

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