WonderCon Anaheim: “Mortal Instruments” Panel

By March 31, 2013

Thousands came to see fan fiction writer turned best selling author Cassandra Clare at Wonder Con’s Mortal Instruments panel. Sitting alongside her? The cast of “City of Bones,” the movie adaptation.

Though she expected to be kept out of the loop once she sold the rights to her books, Clare said she had a shocking amount of input. She was consulted on everything from casting (she watched every audition!) to costuming and set design. She also had the opportunity to be an extra; unable to remove her prosthetic ears after a day on set, she had to go through airport security still wearing them!

As with all movies based on books, the audience wanted to know how close an adaptation “City of Bones” will be. According to Clare, much had to be condensed for time; however, she believes the spirit of the characters remained very much intact.

The actors discussed the arduous process of being covered in faux tattoos during production; several of the actors, sporting real ink, had to have their tattoos concealed before runes were applied in their stead.

Lily Collins (Clary) called the movie one of the best experiences of her life; she learned a lot about herself while playing Clary, and would love to film a sequel. She also copped to being a fan of the books prior to being cast.

As for the actors’ favorite characters from the series? Collins adores Magnus for his history and allure. Jamie Bower (Jace) is enamored by the Isabelle’s ruthless nature. “I love my sister,” he said, to roaring laughter and a few raised eyebrows.