‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Director Teases The Film’s Jean Grey and Cyclops Relationship

By April 8, 2016

In addition to bringing one of the comics most powerful and iconic villains to the big screen for the first time, X-Men: Apocalypse will also be introducing a number of characters into the X-Men world again, though this time around they’ll be played by much younger actors than in the original Bryan Singer-directed films. Possibly the two most notable being Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, and Tye Sheridan’s Scott Summers/Cyclops.

Turner recently teased what the relationship between Jean and Scott will be like in the film as well, but thanks to a new report from EW with Singer, it looks like we have much better idea of what to expect when these two characters meet for the first time onscreen.

According to Singer, their first interaction isn’t all that notable, and the relationship between the two doesn’t truly begin to grow until Scott’s able to see with his glasses:

“In the beginning, she’s the last thing he’s interested in. When he first comes to the mansion, Scott’s blind so he can’t see her. Suddenly he gets some glasses and now he can see her and he’s like ‘Oh! That’s Jean Grey.’ Both of them are misfits in a way. Other mutants have settled in with their powers. This is all new to Scott Summers and he doesn’t like it and he doesn’t like school. And Jean she has not only has her telekenisis and her telepathy but she also knows inherently that something darker and more powerful is growing inside her and she doesn’t quite know what it is.”

Honestly, I think I’d like to see the relationship between the two mutants start to grow by the time the film ends, rather than having them into each other right away. It seems like every time Jean’s been onscreen so far in the franchise, she’s been connected to one of the male characters in some way, and while that hasn’t been a bad thing, I’d like to see Jean get a movie where she’s just allowed to be a powerful and dramatic force, without ever having a relationship involved. That could just be me though.

No matter what, I think that the casting of both Scott and Jean in the film was pretty spot on, with both Sheridan and Turner being two of the most promising young actors in the industry right now. It’ll be interesting to see their initial interactions together onscreen and how the film manages to plant the seeds for one of the most iconic relationships in comic book history – if they choose to do it heavily, or sparingly.

X-Men: Apocalypse is set to hit theatres on May 27th.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • Noldor Artisan

    “something darker and more powerful is growing inside her” for the love of god I hope he doesn’t intend on keeping with the bull crap he gave us in Last Stand. That was in no way at all what the Phoenix was. I am an X-Men fan and I know that Jean has powers beyond her control that had to be kept in check. But I just hope he doesn’t use the same stupid story device he did in the last ones with her. Just give us that story line and make it awesome, make it how it was meant to be. Is he so stupid that he can’t see how awesome a cosmic story line would be? I could rant some more but I’ll stop for now.

    • phoenix_fire

      he wasn’t responsible for the last iteration of the phoenix. that distinction belongs to brett ratner.

      • Noldor Artisan

        ahhh yes you are right. Thanks for reminding me. I need to edit that comment now. I hated that rendition of the Phoenix so much it blinded me in who I should be mad at haha

  • thelaughingwiseman

    Just leave Cyclops out of this franchise. I dislike what they did to him. He is one of my favorite comic book characters. He doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s getting. He is supposed to be arrogant, a team leader, smug, charming, powerful, tactical. They made him into such a bitch in the trilogy. Only ever obsessing over Jean. While Xavier was basically acting as leader of the X-Men and Wolverine acting as the protagonist (and come on, that’s basically who the trilogy was about).
    And now, they only include him as a teen? Where he would have a limited role, and sort of romance story with Jean Grey? They should just do without him instead of having him in there because “he is original X-Man”.