Zack Snyder Says ‘The Flash’ Film Will Have a Much Different Tone Than ‘Batman v Superman’

By March 18, 2016

Well, this is at least some good news.

Maybe one of the biggest complaints going into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which has only become even greater following the announcement of a rated-R director’s cut, is that DC and Warner Bros. would be making their DC Cinematic Universe, and their films too dark and brooding – that the universe and tone wouldn’t allow for the kind of fun that a majority of comic book fans want to see in the blockbuster adaptations.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter though, Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder and producer Debra Snyder talked about the DCCU plans for the coming years, and revealed that apparently, each film in the universe will indeed have a different tone than the rest:

“The mandate is that we try and make the best movies we can. If you’re making a Flash movie with Ezra Miller, it’s like millennial Flash. It’s going to be a little lighter than making a World War I epic with this feminist icon like Wonder Woman. The films do live in a united universe. I feel like the danger is — and I think that the studio would acknowledge this — when you start to mimic things like tone. Then, when you go to the movie, you pretty much know the experience you’re going to have.”

I think we’ve already seen evidence of this briefly with the Suicide Squad trailers anyways, which definitely make the film look dark, but also seem to tease a much crazier and zanier tone than Batman v Superman has.

Debra Snyder added the following as well:

“Zack and [DC chief creative officer] Geoff Johns have outlined a timeline of where everybody is based off of, where our characters go in Justice League. So there’s a framework. But it’s filmmaker-driven, in that we want to hire direc­tors who still have a point of view and that have latitude because we don’t want all the movies to feel the same. David Ayer has a certain tone and feel to what he brought to Suicide Squad, as does Patty [Jenkins] to Wonder Woman. They have freedom to tell their story in the way that it needs to be told.”

Is this a bit of a no brainer? Sure, but is still nice to hear nonetheless? Yes, because I think it proves that Snyder and co. aren’t trying to make their DC films all of the same thing over and over again, especially following all of the criticism they’ve fallen under ever since the mixed response that Man of Steel received in 2013.

Now, it’s also easier to say one thing than it is to actually do it, so I hope that DC isn’t afraid to bring some tonal diversity and range to their cinematic universe moving forwards, whether it be with something like The Flash, Suicide Squad, Shazam, or even the recently resurrected Lobo project. If I’m being honest too, I already have enough concerns about that extremely dark Aquaman costume anyways.

The Flash standalone film will hit theatres on March 16th, 2018.

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